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Friday, March 9, 2012

The New (well, relatively) Contraception Mandate

Sorry for the length of time between this and the last part, life got in the way. In this final part of my examination of the HHS contraception mandate, I will look at the new mandate.

The new mandate is a slight improvement over the prior one. The new mandate states that church affiliated groups (hospitals, schools, etc.) do not have to directly pay for contraception. Instead, the insurance company will make arrangements with individuals to pay for it directly. Therefore, it is supposed, the objection of paying for something that offend the religious beliefs of a group while simultaneously allowing contraception to be paid for. While this may sound nice, it will almost certainly have at least one of several unavoidable side effects. Since insurance companies are for-profit companies, they will charge religious institutions more to cover the cost, they will not cover religious institutions, or they will raise costs on everyone else to recoup the money. A basic law of economics (as well as common sense) tells us that if taxes or costs are raised, then the prices of products will also be raised in order to recoup that money. Therefore, the institutions will end up subsidizing birth control anyways which will render the "accomodation" meaningless.