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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why You Cannot Be a Decent or Moral Person and Vote For Donald Trump

I know this may be a somewhat provocative title, but it is also very true.  I want to look at the reasons why I say this and maybe change some minds.

First off, I want to clarify that I am not saying that the people who vote for Trump are less than human.  All I am saying is that Trump is such a horrible person and candidate that there is no moral reason to vote for him.  I can get that people don't want to vote for Hillary because she supports abortion rights, marriage equality, etc. and that is not something that they can support.  I can even applaud such sentiments.  In a normal election, I would urge them to vote for the Republican candidate since no third party stands a chance in our current election structure.  This election, however, is anything but normal.

What we have is a sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist bigot who encourages violence and wants to jail his political opponents running for the presidency.  In the past week alone, we have heard him say (in old tapes) that he would "grab [women] by the pussy" and we have had multiple women come forward and accuse him of sexual assault.  And these are not the first such charges leveled against him.  There have been women who have accused him of sexual assault since the early 90s.  We have the same candidate lie repeatedly and then deny lying even when presented with clear evidence of his lies (e.g. the Iraq War).  He has also said that a federal judge shouldn't judge him solely because he is Latino (Mexican, I believe), he has made all sorts of sexist comments, and so much more.  The level of his unfitness for the presidency is almost incalculable.

On the other hand, we have a female candidate who is the definition of a Washington insider and politician.  She does not have a perfect record and has changed her mind on topics as she has gotten more information.  She has made mistakes and has owned up to most of them.  She has been a Senator and Secretary of State and has seen the presidency up close because she got to see her husband as president as well as the president she served as SecState.  She is easily one of the most qualified people to ever run for the office, but she has also been so vilified by her political opponents for the past 2 decades that she is also one of the most disliked candidates ever.

So we have a race between an eminently qualified woman and a most definitely unqualified man.  What I find truly astonishing is the way that so-called "family values" Christians are lining up to vote for Trump solely because he has made the promise to appoint the right type of judges or because they want to vote against Clinton.  If your real reason is that you oppose Clinton, then you can write in a candidate or you can vote for one of the third party candidates.  To vote for Trump is to reveal yourself as one of two things:

[1] A sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist bigot who encourages violence and wants to jail his political opponents


[2] Someone who is fine with a sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist bigot who encourages violence and wants to jail his political opponents

In either case, you cannot call yourself a decent or moral person.  To affirmatively vote for someone who is one of the worst people ever to run for president is to say that this is the type of person you support.  I know people are probably going to argue that Clinton will be worse because she'll chip away at "religious liberty"; or rather the twisted understanding of the word given in the last few years; or because she supports the right to abortion.  And yes, as I said above, I can see these as valid reasons to vote against her.  However, they are not valid reasons to vote for someone as morally bankrupt and depraved as Trump.  To vote for Trump is to place oneself in league with the KKK and their ilk.  If you are good with that, then you cannot call yourself a decent or moral person.

I know I have probably pissed a lot of people off, but I am not going to apologize because this sort of thing has to be spoken out against.  Trump is so awful and such a bad person that he must be opposed by anyone who thinks of themselves as a decent or moral person.  Vote for McMullin, Johnson, Stein, Clinton, or one of the other third party candidates, just don't vote for Trump.  Don't vote to normalize the depraved behavior that Trump has had on display for years.

I know that someone is going to bring up Bill Clinton.  Don't.  Bill Clinton is not running for president and his misdeeds do not actually reflect on Hillary Clinton unless you are predisposed to dislike her in the first place.  And there is also the various "scandals" surrounding Hillary Clinton.  In every single one of them, she has been found to be not guilty of any crime or serious charge by the FBI or Republicans.  All she has been found guilty of is bad judgment in the case of her email server, and that wasn't enough to be a crime or to compromise national security, so that is not disqualifying.

And if anyone doubts the effects that Trump has had, just look at the uptick in anti-Muslim violence that has accompanied his presidential run.  Look at the violence that he has encouraged with his rhetoric.  Look at the women he has assaulted or the way that this type of assault has been normalized as "locker-room talk" or just something guys do.

Just don't vote for Trump and then say that you are a decent and moral person, because you aren't.