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Monday, November 7, 2016

Some Thoughts About Moving Past the 2016 Election

As we look beyond the election, I see people talking about how we are all Americans and that we need to come together regardless of who wins. The funny thing is, most of the people I see saying it are on the right side of the political spectrum. While I want to, with all my heart, say that we can do that, I am not at all sure I, for one, will be able to.
This election has exposed many of the so-called family values conservatives to be nothing more than hypocritical political opportunists who don't really care about family values as much as they do about getting their political platform enacted. Otherwise, why would they be supporting a sexist, racist, bigoted, misogynistic man for the presidency? And don't give me any crap about them doing it to oppose Hillary Clinton. If that is all they wanted, they could have supported another candidate. To support Donald J. Trump is to support what he stands for and what he stands for is the worst in humanity.
How am I, as a gay, genderqueer (therefore trans*) person, supposed to even pretend that I can want to work with a party that denies my rights, denies my identity, makes laws targeted at the LGBTQIA community, and pretend that everything is "all right"? How can anyone work with a party that has shown itself to run towards the epic vileness that is the alt-right, a party that denies the reality of climate change, a party that made it possible for a person like Donald Trump to come as close to the presidency as he has?
Are we supposed to simply ignore the fact that the Republican party has done everything in its power to delegitimize the first black president in American history? That the Republican party has endlessly investigated the other party and rarely (if ever) found actual crimes? That the Republicans in the Senate has failed in their duty to consider the nomination of a well-respected, moderate judge for the Supreme Court for nakedly political reasons wrapped up is bullshit and is now threatening to stop a potential President Clinton from getting her choices on the Supreme Court because they disagree with her political philosophy? While Trump may have shattered the political norms that a functioning democracy needs, the GOP started on the path long before he was running and showed him the way.
For these reasons, I cannot respect or be friends with anyone who votes for Donald Trump. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with basic human decency. To vote for Trump is to say that you agree with his bigoted attacks on all sorts of minorities. To vote for Trump is to try and normalize him. And that, I cannot and will not put up with. Vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton if you must, but don't vote for Donald Trump.
I'm sure someone is going to say that if I support Hillary Clinton, then I support everything she stands for,  I know this and acknowledge it.  I find myself agreeing with most of her political positions and the ones I disagree with, I can live with the differences.  As far as her so-called "scandals", Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the most investigated politicians ever, and it's not because she is an awful person.  Repeatedly, investigations from *Republican* investigations have shown that she has not done anything wrong.  Hillary Clinton has put up with more bullshit and vitriol than other candidates, not because she is a bad person, but because she is a Clinton and a woman.  She is facing double standards and obstacles that men simply don't have to deal with, and she does it with grace and poise.

I hope that you vote for hope and for the future.  Reject the hatred, bigotry, fear, and anger that forms the modern Republican party.  Is Hillary Clinton perfect?  No, she is not.  But she is eminently qualified and well deserving of the title Madam President.