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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts

I could have sworn I wrote about this already, but looking at my blog, I did not.  So, here are my post-election thoughts.

First off, to say that I was in shock on November 9th would be an understatement of biblical proportions.  While I may not have been one of the people this article is addressed to, I do feel the sense of disillusionment the article mentioned.  My disillusionment stems not from faith in the system (although I suspect that I had more faith in it than other people), but from a faith in a basic decency in most human beings.  I honestly thought that people would be disgusted enough by Trump's unflinching, brazen, and flagrant racism, sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and lack of anything resembling morality.  The fact that there were as many people who voted for him as did shook me to my core.  I know there are problems in the system and with people, but I thought that; while they accept hidden bigotry; people would reject the open bigotry that Trump showed during the campaign.

On November 9th, I would not be exaggerating to say that I was in mourning.  While I was upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election, I could have accepted her loss to almost any other Republican.  But the open embrace of Trump and his vitriolic nastiness and bigotry floored me.  I know that someone is going to say that they voted for Trump to oppose Hillary, but that is bullshit.  Voting for Trump means that you are agreeing with his platform (such as it was).  Every person who voted for Trump has exposed themselves as either racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, xenophobic misogynists or someone who is fine with those ideas.  Either way, they are hateful people and un-American.

Since the election, Trump has merely reinforced my disdain and disgust.  He has proposed people for every department who are unfit to run those departments, many of his appointments would probably try and dismantle the departments they were selected to run.  Trump and his lackeys have also shown a reckless disregard for anything resembling the truth.  Not to mention that his "victory" (in the Electoral College only, he was soundly whipped in the popular vote) has emboldened the racist fringe in the country.

Then there are the revelations about Russian manipulation of the election and the FBIs appalling breach of protocol by inserting itself into the election with the release of the letter regarding the emails that turned out to be nothing.  Taken together with everything else, it is not hard to see why people are doubtful about the legitimacy of the election.  Between foreign involvement in the campaign, the chief federal law enforcement agency inserting itself into the election, and Clinton winning the popular vote by almost 2.9 million votes, there is no way Trump can legitimately claim any sort of mandate.

Then you throw in the Republican trend towards trying to delegitimize the opposition.  Since the 1990s, the Republican party has become increasingly hardline and does everything it can to try and reshape reality to fit their twisted political ideology.  For example, the Republican party this year held up the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in defiance of longstanding practice.  They claimed that since there was an election in the fall, the next president should be allowed to select the Supreme Court justice, a claim which is breathtaking in the amount of bullshit it contains and in its audacity.  Then comes North Carolina, where the governor and legislature rushed through not one, but several bills over the course of the year.  First there was HB2 (discussed at length elsewhere) and then there were a series of bills meant to strip a lot of power away from the incoming Democratic governor before he even took office.  Basically, the legislature and ousted governor decided to try and undo the election as much as possible and maintain the Republican's grip on power in the state.

These things, taken together with the way the Republican party has kowtowed to Trump and the unprecedented obstruction taken during President Obama's terms, show that the Republican party has completely abandoned any semblance of political norms that have allowed government to function.  The Republican party and Trump must be opposed and resisted at every level and every step along the way.

We cannot allow Trump and his hatred or the Republicans unmitigated gall to become normalized.  We cannot allow the hate that has been fostered to scare us into submission.  I am frightened for myself and every other minority because of what a Trump presidency and Republican rule over government will probably mean.  Rights curtailed, disastrous conservative ideas enacted, the social safety net dismantled, and attacks on minorities are probably going to become more commonplace.  Reckless disregard for science and proven facts will become rampant as conservatives try and force their ideology onto government agencies and deny scientific facts like climate change.  In short, the next four years will probably be a disaster.  I am hopeful that people will vote in Democratic majorities to the House and/or Senate so that there can be some type of roadblock to Trumps and the Republicans' disastrous agenda.

I want to state one thing with unwavering clarity:  Trump is #NotMyPresident.  There is such a cloud hanging over this election that I cannot accept it's legitimacy without a major independent investigation confirming it.  I reject his hatred, his bigotry, his Islamophobia, his sexism, his xenophobia, his misogyny, his homophobia, and his transphobia.

And to those who would tell me to "Just get over it!" or "Just accept it!", fuck off.  I will never accept this nor will I get over it.  This election has exposed the Republican party and the conservative movement to be nothing more than a dressed up version of the old-fashioned bigots.  I reject them and I reject what they stand for.

I know what I stand for: inclusion, equal rights, equality of opportunity (which we don't have right now), help for the historically disenfranchised or oppressed, environmental protection, solid and sound science, and a progressive agenda to help make this country great after the disaster that is about to be inflicted upon it.

I am a part of the resistance to Trump and the GOP.  I will not back down, I will not yield, and I will not compromise since compromise is impossible with the current Republican party.  We must prevail or else I fear the consequences.